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While the Channel 4 regular rarely mentioned his ex-girlfriend on the live weekend show, he did say how Tamsin had "put in the best performance of her life" back in 2013.

Tweeting after the birth of their little girl Jamie, Tim wrote: "'Tamsin Greenway has put in the best performance of her life.

He wrote: 'When I got a divorce it was hard enough knowing that my marriage had ended, but I also realised that my relationship with my twin girls Rose and Grace, who are now 10, could never be the same again.

Now, before you go furrowing your eyebrows in confusion, you might want to hear Fred out, as everyone's favourite maître d' has some good points - including the argument that the whole 'natural environment' aspect of both shows do share some similarities, after all."The people on the programme are having their date and it's like a nature programme."I feel like David Attenborough sometimes because it's like this nature programme where you are looking at how people are interacting with each other and it's about much more than dating."It's about all of us and it's fascinating."As we love both shows very much, a crossover would not be a bad idea - Fred welcoming couples to the restaurant while Sir David narrates what's going on for .

It’s really sad but it didn’t work out."They are still the best of friends and have a lot of shared memories together.

It’s a shame they couldn’t make it work."Tim was once labelled Britain’s 49th most eligible bachelor, while Tamsin is a member of the England national netball team as well as a coach.

They're both well."Neither Tim nor Tamsin, who have kept their relationship as private as possible, have commented on their sad split on their respective Twitter pages.

Rimmer revealed that Tim would be missing the show as a bad back had forced him to take the day off.

Celebrity guests Professor Brian Cox, Ed Balls and Jeremy Irvine weren’t greeted with the usual pairing of Tim and co-host Simon Rimmer.

The Sunday Brunch host has a three-year-old daughter with the netball player, 33, and the pair are believed to have been dating for more than four years."Tim and Tamsin have sadly split up.

A source also told the newspaper: "They had been on and off for a while, and they tried to make it work.

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