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I am convinced that any actress who starred in an Italian movie between 19 has, at one time or another, posed nude for Playboy. These 49 hot pictures of old celebrities when they were young are here as a reminder that some of today's older hotties were also yesterday's hotties.There are some excellent bits - Romy Schneider, as Michael's fiancée and number one girlfriend, Carole, runs a language class which pitches in on a quarrel she has with him (' Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye' - ' You're all parrots!); Michael has nightmares where Sellers appears as, yup, Richard III, and all his girlfriends converge on him like a swarm of ants; Sellers plans a Viking funeral suicide (swathed in the Union Jack) but is interrupted by Allen dining al fresco for his birthday; O' Toole assists Sellers in a Cyrano de Bergerac style wooing; and there is frentic chase involving go-karts towards the end of the film.

This includes current and long-gone stars, including everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Pam Grier to Meryl Streep.

I paused the film, fired up Netscape Navigator on my Compaq Presario, and quickly discovered that Tisa Farrow is, in fact, Mia Farrow's little sister. The great consulting detective himself would have been impressed. Harris's artsy and contemporary re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale called "Some Call It Loving" with Richard Pryor and Zalman King of "Red Shoe Diaries" fame.

I also discovered that she had been in a fair number of horror and genre films before she retired from acting in 1980. But she was also in Antonio Margheriti's Vietnam gore-fest and "Apocalypse Now" ripoff "Hunter of the Apocalypse" in 1980, and the infamous "Zombie" (1979) from director Lucio Fulci - a film best known as "hey, isn't that the one where the zombie fights the shark? Vinegar Syndrome just announced that they will be releasing it on Blu-ray in August. In July 1973, she also showed her boobs in Playboy magazine.

See more » This film is so sixties you can't believe it, from its eye-popping colours to the sight of Peter O' Toole and pals dancing OTT to Manfred Mann's ' Little Red Book'.

O' Toole plays Michael James, a sex-mad fashion magazine editor who takes his troubles to a sex-mad psychiatrist (the amusingly bats Peter Sellers, in a Richard III wig and tight costumes), and shares neuroses with his weedy friend Woody Allen (who scripted this hit and miss movie).

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