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But after years of plastic surgery and progressive skin-bleaching, and who only knows what she’s done to her hair, she’s not black any more.

Kim, who seems like a genuinely sweet, if vulnerable woman, explained back in 2000 that she’d always been told by men – “even the ones I was dating” – that she wasn’t pretty enough. But I doubt there was a single black person on this earth – male or female – who didn’t look at Lil’ Kim’s new, white face and feel a deep, inscrutable pain.

Although I read a lot, those were pre-internet days.

It was only recently, via video footage, that I understood quite how aesthetically beautiful the Black Panther leaders were, in their black leather jackets and berets.

The source claims that Kim has been seen kissing and cuddling close to Maino recently at a club appearance where he was allegedly overheard talking about engagement plans with the Queen Bee.

Even though they are far apart in age (he is reportedly 19, and she is 40), they make a good fit if he doesn’t mind babysitting her toddler, Royal Reign.

Unfortunately I understand all too well how Lil’ Kim (or Lil’ Vim, as someone I know unkindly dubbed her – referencing a brand of “extra-whitening” scouring powder) has ended up the way she has.

Kim and I are the same age; when I was a little girl, I also wanted to be white.

Now, we can blame “racist”, “sexist”, “heteronormative” society for this. We can blame the unrealistic photoshopped advertising images that saturate our screens and, by extension, psyches. If we were really struggling we could do our best to blame Kim Kardashian.

When I first found out Nessa was related to Kim, I immediately saw that she looked so much like Lil Kim before all the surgeries.

According to some reports, Kim and Nessa are currently estranged after a big falling out.

And it wasn’t because I thought white people were “cool”.

It was because I believed that not being white made me ugly by default. Rather than use make-up and plastic surgery to reconstruct a self-identity, I threw myself into books.

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