Whose taylor swift dating

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' But the other half was going, ' What if he just wants to walk around with a cat on his head, and not have his picture taken all day?

Taylor Swift doesn't just write breakup songs about her ex-boyfriends ... but apparently, she's still harboring some resentment -- 'cause as the band rambled on, the camera cut to Swift ... UP."There are people out there who swear Taylor wasn't cussing -- that she was saying the words, "Sorry for my arm." Those people are stupid.

FYI -- Taylor used to date Harry Styles (they broke up in January) ...

Taylor Swift and Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss totally made out at a concert Thursday ... Naturally, everyone wants to believe 2 hot chicks are sucking face.

The ladies were rocking out at indie rock band The 1975's show in NYC when they moved in really, really close to each other's faces.

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