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This point-and-click mechanism never feels out of place because you're already focused on grabbing at Star Bits with the pointer controls.

While Yoshi levels are restricted to specific galaxies, they're all incredibly creative with a variety of different techniques: some levels use his ability to inflate like a balloon to scale heights and float along large distances, while another gives him the power to illuminate invisible platforms through a glowing power.

And it's the little things and tweaks that you recognize and realize that Nintendo still "gets it." You can easily punch an enemy out of the way, but you're rewarded with a health-replenishing coin if you oust them the more traditional Mario way.

A lot of the levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2 are based around concepts that were first established in the original game.

The challenge remains the same – platform jump through the huge assortment of levels in a massive variety of different locations to get to the Star at the end.The sequel steps it up with more of what we got with the first game, while taking the gameplay in new directions with sharp and very welcome additions.It's clear that Nintendo has put a ton of focus in structuring Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a way that's accessible to all, including that new "expanded audience" that's leapt into the world of Mario with New Super Mario Bros. This becomes immediately obvious from the beginning with the game's interactive introduction: players control Mario in a strict 2D perspective that harkens back to New Super Mario Bros.Things like flinging yourself off a tiny planetoid and letting its gravity send you into a satisfyingly orbit.Levels that change the gravitational pull to make the ceiling of a level into the floor. But those ideas have been expanded on with new twists and capabilities, and each "galaxy" to explore impresses in their own way.

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