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He has wife and kids but he was definitely highly sexed and not getting any from his wife.

Working with this young hottie, with a thing for older men, provided the perfect opportunity.

In fact she's gone on the pill so she can get me and her lovers to fill her pussy.

So I've ended up a cuckold - never thought I would - but here I am. I don't think I'm a wimp, and I don't think I want complete humiliation, but because I love my wife I have to share her lifestyle.

So in the end I end up using it as excitement in the bedroom - she tells me about how she has been fucked by him (in countless hotel rooms), and my god she has done everything with him!

And she sits on my face and tells me how she'd like to do this after he's come in her pussy.

We joined to learn more about the lifestyle and gain insight from more experienced couples.

She also admitted she'd let me fuck her later that night, and she got a real thrill feeling her aching ass, still wet with cum, whilst I fucked her pussy.

I guess women vary internally as much as men externally - and she seems to suite a large cock.

We still have great sex, but she'll not want to give up her other men.

They would be off for days working together alone, so opportunity was not hard to come by.

One thing led to another, well actually my wife turned up in his room one night and seduced him.

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