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What'a the difference between what you wanna do and what I'm gonna do? "I knows how to behave and you don't" "Maybe ' I won't wanna behave," says L "That remains to be seen. "I even went so far as to- wonder where I'd get the dough." '' What come of the wondering? "The way I got it figured out," I replies, "we could, go over in the steerage but I ain't been able to work out any good scheme yet for getting back." "What's the matter with letting me go alone? "I Just got done reading a piece In the paper in the which it says that husbands and wlfes should go away by thelrselves every summer, and they would love each other a whole lot more when they got together again." "I should say not," says I. possibly find out that you ain't so bad after all and be satisfied," "Alnt you satisfied now? And now he realized that her mind was dazzled by the brilliant dreams of her own stage success that such a prosaic idea as the tunneling of some Kentucky mountains for the building of a coal railroad, with the opening of a great tract of hitherto worthless land, endowed, however, with natural treasure in timber, oil and fuel such uninteresting commercialism could mean naught but boredom In comparison with "Art" "Oh, tell about the contract, dear," Helen said, smilingly.

If I find I ain't r- fi t ir Anmo ho rlr tsi M T Wtxn't Ain't ' There, there," cuts In the missus. I guess you gave It all you got" "Just for that crack," I'jelps, "the trip to Europe I was thinking of thinking about 1 Off." "Was you really considering taking me over? "Think I'm gonna let you go to Europe by yourselfs and have you pestered all over the place by grand dukes and Turkish pshaws and them other klnda nobilities that is always running after beautiful American matrons " "Don't you think I can take care of my-Belts? "Maybe," I answers, "but what'd you do If some handsome prince or such'd offer yon a gross of castles, a few bushels of diamonds and the so ons? Ain't I been getting 'em Irom you for ten years without no danger." "No danger of what? "Of having anything come of 'em," returns Kate. "I'm interested in your success, as you know." There was a note of forbearance in her voice which Knight resented.

" "I'd throw cold water In my face," replies the frau. "It all the promises of splffy trips and the like you has made to me was put end to end, even If each one of 'em was no bigger than a gnat's eyelash, they would reach from one Portland to the other, with switch lines to Tampa, Fla., and Sam the Dago, Ca L" "Well," says I, "if I'd delivered as per promise all of ' them vacations and the cetera I'd promised you, they'd be all behind you. Wouldn't you rathor think of a good meal you're gonna have in a coupla hours than think of one you had last week? , "Wouldn't It be nice if we could go to California together, If we had the money." "We might do like the guy in the old wheeze done," I tells her. He waa proud of his profession, of bis work and the achievements so far accomplished, and of late months Helen had spoken more and more of them as one would discuss soma necessary evil of modern life.

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Contempt breeds familiarity, you know, and maybe it I should see some other men I might "The movie maggot? He's getting ready to put on a Jazzy picture called ' Skin and Sin' and Moe figures I can get myselfs a eye-full.

"I'm serious about that I think it's a lovely Idea for wlfes and husbands to separate a month or so every summer. "He was talking to me the other day about taking a run out to Hollywood with him.

" "I was thinking of going to California this summer myselfs," remarks Kate. "I said It first Yoa can go to Europe like you wanted. Thomas Knight walked mechanically into the dining room, but the evening -meal was lacking in its usual sprlghtliness.

Me for Moe and the movies." "I don't want you to go to that vile place," says the misses, stern. Many times Helen attempted to start a conversation on some whimsical subject and Just at many times did the topic die with a monosyllabic reply from her husband.

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