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Johansson told The New Yorker's Anthony Lane: That's true.But Johansson wasn't dropped into a global controversy against her will; she chose to accept a check from Soda Stream and, subsequently, to quit her advocacy work in order to keep the lucrative opportunity.It's defensive -- to an ugly degree that Johansson's claim she's been receiving mean Google Alerts doesn't mitigate.She went yet further in a brief aside to The New Yorker: "I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t" work with Allen, she remarked, as though to differ from Johansson's defense of Allen is to be not just irresponsible but wrongheaded.In responding to both issues over the course of two interviews, Johansson refused to accept that she might be criticized for any reason other than her critics' inanity and cluelessness.

So Johansson wanted to address the Soda Stream and Allen controversies, and wanted to do so in a manner devoid of humility or open-mindedness.Scarlett and Romain began dating in November last year after mutual friends introduced them.She previously sparked engagement rumours after she was spotted with a ring on her finger back in February while out and about in New York City.Johansson has broken her silence in the past, but it's been about amiable things -- endorsing her friend Scott Stringer for municipal office in New York, for instance.She's entitled to her opinion, but this feels excessive, a defense of her taking Soda Stream money that's worse than the initial offense.

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