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I don't think it is wise to date in workplace, although I have seen people done that.

We all know single people who spend most of their waking hours at work and it would be a dream come true for them to find love on the job as opposed to dealing with blind dates or even online matchmaking.

“One participant said the relationship energized him to work even harder and another said this euphoria motivated her to work more.”Finding love at work can also have the advantage of knowing what you’re getting, the report said.

“Women and men talked about the safety of finding a partner in the workplace, and explained that one was more likely to get a truer picture of a possible partner at work than during a casual encounter with someone in online dating or at a pub,” the authors write. the work environment allows you to get to know an individual before committing to a relationship.”: “As in any new, romantic couple each person will try to please and impress the other to win them over,” she says.

“It’s easy to get distracted from work because of depression, anxiety, and simply seeing your new ex at work and overanalyzing communications—or miscommunications.

It’s easy for office productivity to fail under any negative circumstance, but especially when both parties in a failed romance work at the same office.”But it could have an upside: “The only time when this doesn’t occur is when one or both people are competitive and try to compete with each other at work to win at office productivity by projecting feelings of having lost and wanting to win, from the failed relationship,” says Masini.

Forget Tinder or; one of the best places to find romance is at the office. Office romances are very common and for good reason, says Jay Starkman, CEO of Engage PEO, a human resource service provider.

employees have engaged in an office relationship, according to the career website, and 10% have even met their spouses at work.

Do they say no and then fear for their job and/or evaluations thereafter?“There is evidence that workplace romances are positively associated with the participants’ job satisfaction, but there is no clear evidence that workplace romances improve workplace productivity or help culture,” she says.“In fact, coworker reactions tend to be negative with concerns over favoritism and conflicts of interest.It's impossible to avoid the power aspect of your relationship.Ask someone who is a subordinate to go out on a date and you've crossed the line, you've compromised your professionalism and put them into an extremely difficult situation.

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