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One expert explained that with less physical contact, children might have difficulty developing social skills and emotional reactions.Improper use of technology can expose a child to numerous risks.That number only increases as children age, with 95% of teens 12-17 spending time online.

I was sexually and physically abused as a kid, and raped in my early 20s.

Teachers and parents who want their students and children to experience the benefits of technology—without the negatives—should consider these ideas. Today’s students have tremendous opportunities to learn and to connect by using it. When we understand those costs and can minimize them, we can keep the use of technology positive.

Editor’s note: This piece was originally written by Alice Martin and ran on May 30, 2013.

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The answer—how you go home with someone without panicking—is so obvious, SCARED, that I'm guessing your therapist has already suggested it: Have sex with someone you know and trust.

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