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I wish someone had told me that when I did my little ‘freaking out’ stint.I wasted a lot of time and energy making myself unhappy because I was looking for doom and gloom to depress myself with… If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, spare yourself the worry and heartache and either leave or get couples therapy to work out what isn’t working and what led you to this assumption.

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He has been especially attentive to my physical and emotional needs and even cooked up a big pot of chilli for me and the kids to eat just before he flew off on his current trip in an effort to help ease the burden of chores whilst he’s away and to make sure we all eat something nutritious and home cooked.

He has been giving me lots of extra hugs and cuddles, listening and being incredibly thoughtful and helpful, etc.

As any blogger will know, we get to read the things that our readers have typed into search engines like Google et al…

I am pretty thick skinned, and what I see people searching for rarely surprises me any more. Here is a brief snap shot of some of my hits from this week: Any way. I rarely even bother reading my blog stats any more.

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