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Anyway, that was last Wednesday and I waited until Sunday night to call her with a plan to ask her out for next Wednesday or Thursday.

She didn’t answer, so I left a message to give me a call back. When I told this story to two female friends, both were adamant that because I didn’t call or text Courtney the day after the date, she figured I have no interest and therefore wasn’t going to return a phone call from me that was four days too late.

We hang out, I’ve met her family, her family loves me, and I go over to their house all the time. She had a seven-year-long relationship that she says she is over but is trying to get herself back.

On Wednesday we got together for 90 minutes over dinner.

The inference was that women are only significantly physically attracted to the top 20% of men -- i.e., the ones who look like actors or models.

Women’s standards were shown to be unreasonable (and dare I say delusional!

She said that she wasn’t sure why, and that she needs to take her time and not rush things.

She said that one thing about me that bothers her is that I’m moody, but I told her I’m moody because I don’t understand her and why we are not exclusive.

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