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A members privileges may be suspended by any one of the listed persons, however a suspended member shall have the right to request a hearing before the board At a member's requests, a meeting will be scheduled with the member and at least two members of the board, if an interpretation of the rules is sought.

The board may thereafter take such actions as it deems appropriate.

Explicitly sexual or X rated conversation is not permissible in any of our rooms.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable chat environment for all and we feel this can be best reached by mutual respect and consideration from all participants.

You can also add your favorite chat room in your contacts list or add contacts with just one click.

Harassment of any kind is unacceptable in any room and behavior of that type will be considered grounds for review of your membership by our Management Group.

Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to, repeatedly following someone from room to room, making any statement that could be considered to be intimidating or threatening.

All board members, moderators, tech team members and event hosts, must be supporting members of VIP Conduit.

When in one of our family chat rooms, keep in mind that there are no age restrictions here and children may be using it as well as older adults.

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We hope your visit here is fun and meaningful and that you will return many times.

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