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Erika isn’t actually one of the monsters you can romance (or is she?

), but she give you an advantage by offering some really weird stuff for sale that might work some magic on the object of your affection. “After I recorded, I was excited to find out the rest of the cast included so many friends and cool people I admire! While she hasn’t had a chance to play the game yet—she plans to do so on her Twitch stream soon—she’s watched her roommates work their charms on the monsters of their dreams.

After completing this step and starting the main storyline, we're introduced to Amanda, the daughter.

Amanda gets a lot of screen time, especially given that this is meant to be a dad dating simulator, but Amanda gives us a lot of insights into the main character, complete with great art and writing.

You might remember Erika as the cutie pie Amanda in last year’s doesn’t shy away from its monstrous roots. You take control of one of four playable characters.

Your mission is to get to the prom with the monster of your dreams.

begins with a quick, playful personality quiz to give yourself and the game an idea of who might want to romance, and then you’re off to the races.

Get to know the quirky characters at your school, but you only have three weeks (or six weeks in a long playthrough) to find a date, so don’t waste too much time chatting or exploring. Along the way you’ll probably even find some surprises, secret endings, and, if you’re very lucky, make it to the prom.

Following the announcement that No Man's Sky would be coming to Xbox One this summer, the release date seems to have leaked in an online listing, dating the launch for June 29.Be sure to tune in every Tuesday starting at 4 PM PT to learn about what’s new and cool in the world of video games.Not only is Erika Ishii an energetic and passionate host here on Geek & Sundry, she also lends her vocal talents to indie games—including a dating sim or two.“I watched them date Scott and it was ADORABLE,” she says.Dream Daddy is a new visual novel to hit Steam that focuses on the story of a father who moves house with his teenage daughter called Amanda.

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