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Although some slaves left their positions of servitude following the declaration of 1905, many remained and in much of the country, slavery continued more or less unimpeded.

With the political opening of the creation of the French Fourth Republic in 1946, large number of slaves left their positions and the slavery issue became a key political issue for the Sudanese Union – African Democratic Rally (US-RDA) party.

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Since 2006, a movement called Temedt has been active in Mali struggling against the persistence of slavery and the discrimination associated with ex-slaves.

There were reports that in the Tuareg Rebellion of 2012, ex-slaves were recaptured by their former masters.

Some were willing to agree to maintain servitude status if they received control over their family life and were given some land to pass to their children.

In 1903, French administrators were instructed to not use slave as an administrative category anymore: functionally, slave status could not be used anymore to decide legal or property issues.

Slavery in Mali existed across different ethnic groups of Pre-Imperial Mali before the Muslim conquest.

Slavery increased in importance with the Arab slave trade across the Sahara during the Middle Ages. 1600 AD), slave raiding increased and the slave trade became a key part of the economy in the Tuareg, Mandé, and Fula communities which would eventually be the major ethnic groups in the country of Mali.

Slavery continued to exist after the fall of the Mali Empire being a significant part of the economies of Tuareg, Mandé, and Fula communities.

With the chaos at the fall of the Mali Empire, slave raiding and the slave trade increased significantly throughout the region.

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