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A subsidiary of delivery and logistics multinational Fed Ex has stored extremely sensitive customer data on an open Amazon S3 bucket, essentially making all the information public.

The tranche of data was discovered by Kromtech security researchers on 5 February.

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Many of the breaches mentioned here happened in the last two years.

It included thousands of scanned documents for citizens in America and globally – with passports, driving licences and security IDs all open for access in the bucket, as well as home addresses, postal codes and phone numbers.Researchers pointed out that the data seems to have been from 2009 to 2012, before the company was bought out.Kromtech's Bob Diachenko commented that anyone who used Bongo International during that era is at risk of having had their documents online for years."[It] seems like that bucket has been available for public access for many years in a row," Diachenko said."Applications are dated within the 2009-2012 range and it is unknown whether Fed Ex was aware of that 'heritage' when it bought Bongo International back in 2014." An open Mongo DB-hosted database owned by custom keyboard app Ai.

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