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Express your opinions even if they are different than his, in fact, if they are different than his.

Disagreeing with someone without putting them down is a fine art.

These steps will give you all you need to take control of your emotions and overcome your feeling of jealousy towards your partner’s ex.

Once you do, you’ll be pleased to find all of the happiness that will come from within.

People have been feeling jealous over their partner’s exes from the dawn of time, so there’s no need to feel bad. You’re human and therefore curious about your partner’s ex.

We learn from the stories and anecdotes of others, so you want to figure out what attracted them to each other.

Learn that art and use it in your conversations with men.

However, you may want to learn to move on and overcome this feeling for your own peace of mind.

If this is the case, the best way to move beyond your jealousy is to work on connecting with your partner.

Even telling them about your jealousy can be a turning point in the relationship that can create a stronger connection.

But if you don’t learn to identify these habitual patterns—which will drain at least half of their emotional intensity—you’ll keep feeling jealous, regardless of what your partner does or does not do,” adds Power.

Finding the cause of the jealousy will be invaluable to helping yourself overcome the feeling in the first place.

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Confronting yourself and asking yourself why you’re focused on a relationship that your partner is no longer in can be a good tool in helping yourself overcome the feeling of jealousy in the first place. Do you feel like your relationship needs something to be on par with your partner’s past relationship?

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