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He's awfully smart about everything, but sometimes he runs around the room and waves his arms in the air and shouts, 'I'm surrounded by idiots!

It takes a brave soul to challenge him when he's defending his rights and his dignity.His cheeks may be suffused with a rosy glow because the love of his life just passed by. If you don't believe me, just choose a quiet Leo who's pretending to be an introvert, and attack his pride.But his high color isn't caused by introversion or self-effacing timidity. Take something away from him which he believes is rightfully his, give him orders and show him no respect.Still, this is what makes the lion so downright lovable; his honest superiority and excellent abilities, incongruously mixed up with a terrible, transparent vulnerability of ego. It's this weakness which is the Waterloo for many a stem, autocratic Leo. Fattery acts like catnip to him, lack of respect blinds him with rage and both extremes make him incapable of balanced judgment.There are some Leos who control these tendencies successfully, but they're always latent in the Sun sign and present to some degree. In the middle of receiving one of his lectures, interrupt respectfully and tell your Leo friend he looks positively magnificent in that sweater.

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Some Leos mellow with age, but the lion never really lowers his proud head. As for the physical attributes of this Sun sign, just look around for people who resemble a lion or a lioness, with a mane of hair that sweeps back off the face, and a deceptively lazy look.

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