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Like many other soaps the series had a large number of characters that increased as the series progressed.

Most of the main characters were members of the Mall Rats at one point or another.

After living for a while with the Ecos, Amber is abducted by the Technos and forced to play a virtual war game. She is rescued by the Mall Rats and slowly gets back to health.

Amber decides to fight back at the Technos and tries to let the whole City know the Technos are experimenting on humans but Ram manipulates her video transmission.

As the Technos look to arrest the rebels responsible for the broadcast, Amber decides to go back to Baby Bray at the Eco camp.

Series 5: Now that the Technos are overthrown, Amber promises Baby Bray she will try to find his father.

Ebony becomes a hero and is elected as the new City Leader but Amber is doubtful Ebony is telling the whole truth.Ebony wants to execute the Guardian but Amber disagrees.She plots with Bray, Trudy and Tai-San and they decide they want Ebony to be questioned about Trudy and Amber's kidnapping.But Ebony has the people on her side and she banishes Amber and Bray from the City.Once outside the City, Amber goes into labor and Bray finds a place for her to have the baby.

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